Saturday, 20 January 2007

How to do Links in Posts

So, how do you put a link in a post?

1) If you want to copy and past from another site, rather than going backwards and forwards in the same window, I find it's easier to have two windows open.

In Firefox, you can right click the tab at the top of the page, and then left-click on the top option "New Tab":

This will open a blank tab, where you can load the page you want to copy and paste the address from:

So, in my case, I opened my Words that Flow page, because I know there's lots of links on there! Now you can flip between the two pages, without losing your place on either one!

If you've still got Explorer, then you can open two windows, and adjust the size so they fit in side-by-side:
2) Right click a link you want to copy (as in above pic, where I've right-clicked "Spilling Out")

3) Move the cursor down to "properties" and left-click

4) Where it says 'address', highlight the address and copy it OR you can simply copy it directly into the link box.

5) Highlight the word(s) in the post text you want to link to the other site, and press the link button (in Beta and Blogger: it's to the right of the colour box marked with a 'T' and the colours... to me it looks like a bull's head, but that's not how everyone sees it. It looks like this:
6) So, now there should be a box open, with the start of an address, which you can use, or you can paste over:

7) So, copy the link from the other page

OR from the page url (if you're copying a link directly from a page),

OR by right-clicking the time-stamp at the bottom of a particular post
(Not the 'links' or you'll point to the bottom of the page! and not the 'comments' as you'll end up half way down the page..) and again, go down to 'properties', click and copy the address.

8) Paste the address in the links box, over the "http://" already there

OR You can also type a web address directly into the link box, if you know it!

9) Click on 'ok' in the links box, and yahay - you're done!! :

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At 25 February 2007 at 14:14 , Blogger soubriquet said...

Thank you for all of that.
I struggle.
I curse at blogger when it says can't publish... tag not closed.
My grasp of Mongolian is probably as good as my grasp of html.
so i tick...the little do not show errors box... and publish..
and, smoothly, it goes back to where it was.... sometimes. Now I know where to come instead of bashing my head repeatedly on the desk. As a technique, that's never really resolved any html issues, though i think the harder bashing was getting close.

But I hate html. HATE IT!
It's primitive.
Flint axes.
And it hurts.

At 25 February 2007 at 17:26 , Blogger soubriquet said...

Just fixed one.
Big buzz of contentment!

At 26 February 2007 at 19:22 , Blogger Annelisa said...

:-D I know what you mean, Soubriquet!! I, too, struggled until I worked it all out!

I didn't come by these ways of doing things from a course, or anything, but by trial and error, and my blog disappearing/ not coming up/ totally mangled etc! :-D

So, I'm glad to share my experiences, barr the catastrophic blog syndrome, with you!

Brilliant you managed to fix one - just be warned... every time I go to re-publish (if I've edited a post) the same old messages about embedding come up!


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